Our Entrepreneurs

PKC Security

Daniel Chyan & Becker Polverini

Daniel Chyan is a Founding Partner and the CTO at PKC, managing technology strategy and DevOps initiatives for building secure, scalable infrastructure and cloud platforms. Daniel has worked at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on mobile broadband measurement technology and, while at Princeton University, worked on network security with the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP).

Becker Polverini is the CEO of PKC. Before PKC, Becker worked at Microsoft Research, Bridgewater Associates, the Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Lab, and at a company where he built secure communication systems in war zones. He has published research in cybersecurity and machine learning and graduated with a Computer Science degree from Princeton University.

PKC Security (PKC) helps visionaries solve impossible problems. For leaders who want to become number one in their markets, PKC unites software, cybersecurity, design, and strategy to build technology that captures new revenue and lowers costs. Unlike traditional software consultancies, PKC engagements begin with market analysis and design sprints that quantitatively prioritize customers, market demand, and profitability. Leveraging expertise in cybersecurity and AI, PKC excels in regulated markets, where innovation is usually stifled by cyber, physical, and legal risks. Over two years, PKC has helped clients eliminate $12M in expenses and generate $5.3M in revenue.