Our Team

Dan Reed


With a desire to actively unite people with stories beyond themselves, Dan Reed has served as a professional fundraiser for over 15 years. For causes ranging from public education to the advancement of free enterprise to animal health, Dan has helped organizations raise over $50Mt in private philanthropy. Regardless of the cause, the core conviction remains: fundraisers serve our culture as intentional catalysts for generosity. In 2015, Dan launched Seed Fundraisers to re-orient, train, and coach fundraisers to achieve organizational results, greater occupational satisfaction, and ultimately, lasting cultural impact. Previously, Dan worked as a fundraiser and program director for National Right to Work Committee, Denver Public Schools Foundation, and Morris Animal Foundation. He serves on the board of Prodigy Ventures, a social enterprise focused on providing restorative work opportunities for disconnected young adults. Dan graduated from Geneva College and lives with his family in Denver, CO.