Our Mentors

Shannon Miles

Shannon Miles is an advocate for people to have a career and the flexibility they crave to keep their priorities in a healthy order. She is the Co-Chair and Co-Founder of BELAY, a staffing company serving businesses all over the US. She and her husband, Bryan, are proud Co-Owners. They have enjoyed starting and running BELAY together as a team since the beginning in 2010. After 10 years leading BELAY, Shannon & Bryan appointed Tricia Sciortino as the next CEO of BELAY. When Shannon faced the decision to stay home with her new baby or return to a fast-paced, demanding career that she loved, she knew that there had to be a way to have both. She resolved not to accept an initial “no” from her boss as final, stuck to her convictions, and proposed the same plan to her boss’ boss. He said ‘yes’ and she created what she calls “The Third Option” – having a career and a family and succeeding at both.