Our Mentors

Mike Stallard

While working on Wall Street, Michael Stallard observed that differences in the cultures of merging organizations frequently sabotaged post-merger performance. As a result, he decided to study organizational culture in-depth, which led to writing two books about it, Fired Up or Burned Out and Connection Culture, and co-founding the Connection Culture Group (CCG). Since that time, Michael and his colleagues at CCG have developed frameworks, training, and tools that have been praised by well-respected leaders, including Alan Mulally, the CEO who turned around the Ford Motor Company; Frances Hesselbein, the leader who rejuvenated the Girl Scouts of the USA; and Jim Sinegal, Co-Founder and longtime CEO of Costco. Michael has spoken about organizational culture at a wide variety of organizations including Google, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NASA, Qualcomm, and Texas Christian University (which founded the TCU Center for Connection Culture). Michael and his wife, Katie, reside in Greenwich, Connecticut.