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Rays of Hope

Willie Mpasuka


Willie Mpasuka comes from a humble family background in the city slums of Malawi. Willie’s family did not have access to basic needs and general quality care, which affected his academic performance in school. Through the support of relatives and his community, Willie became the only child in his family to reach university at the graduate level. He is a 2008-2009 Urban Promise International Fellow and 2017 African Visionary Fellow. In 2018, Willie received the Rising Star Award from the Segal Family Foundation.

Rays of Hope Ministries has a vision to ensure that children and youth in Malawi have access to transformative education. Their model strengthens teachers' skills, supports learners in schools, and provides financial inclusion solutions for youth to live productive lives. In 2018, over 1,000 teachers were reached, serving 110,000 beneficiaries across 78 primary schools in two districts. In the previous year, 2017, the program achieved a 26% increase in passing rate and a 17% reduction in repetition rate among their students.

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