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Will Haughey

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Will Haughey is Co-Founder & CEO of Tegu, overseeing Tegu's commercial activities, including its global marketing, sales, and distribution platforms and its product development initiatives. Will earned a BS in Business Administration from Indiana University, where he concentrated in Finance and International Studies. Upon graduation, he joined the Healthcare Investment Banking practice of Goldman Sachs in New York. Following two years of mergers and financing work, Will joined Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, a multi-strategy investment vehicle, managing investments in private and publicly-traded companies. Will joined his brother and Co-Founder, Chris, to form Tegu in 2008. He and his wife, Rachel, recently relocated to Naples, Florida, from Connecticut, with their five young children.

Tegu is a socially-motivated, for-profit toy company with operations in Honduras and the USA. Named after the Honduran capital city, Tegucigalpa, Tegu is serving as a catalyst for social change in Honduras by vertically linking user-driven design in the Developed World with world-class manufacturing in Honduras. Founded by brothers Chris and Will Haughey, Tegu aims to impact Honduran GDP through the thoughtful and creative employment of the Country’s natural and human resources. Tegu blocks -- wooden blocks which magically incorporate magnets -- have won awards for innovative and green design and are sold throughout the USA via Tegu.com and approximately 500 retail stores. Tegu’s vision is to build the world’s most innovative premium toy company.

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