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Trevor Hightower & Riley Kiltz

Trevor Hightower’s experience in positions of leadership in the military and in the commercial real estate industry have all helped shape his philosophy and passion for community, entrepreneurship, place and seeing others around him flourish. He is the founder of Workflourish, a coworking space in Houston, which merged with Craftwork in early 2018. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of Houston for CBRE. He now serves as President of Craftwork. Tyler (wife), Chase (son), Grace (daughter), and Elle (daughter) are the top of his list to serve and he loves them dearly.



As Founder and CEO of Craftwork, Riley Kiltz's primary responsibility is to shape the direction of the company both in branding and strategy. Originally from the Austin area, Riley has spent the last ten years of life in Fort Worth. After graduating summa cum laude from Texas Christian University, Riley joined Cephas Partners, an exclusive advisor to The Blackstone Group. At Cephas Partners, he primarily focused on Latin American real estate investment analysis and portfolio company development in Brazil and New York City. Riley, his wife (Emily), and daughters (Talitha and Faye) reside in Fort Worth.

Craftwork is a specialty coffee and coworking operator that seeks to draw people out of isolation and into community by reimagining apartment amenity space. Craftwork combines an open-to-the-public coffee experience with a private coworking space, allowing customers to work singly or collaboratively in a comfortable, purposefully‐designed environment. Craftwork’s model converts underutilized apartment amenity space into activated, income‐producing coworking/coffee shop space. Craftwork is able to increase asset value and improve resident life by operating their model with a space-as-a-service mentality.

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