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Stephen Kump & Jon Koon

Stephen Kump is the Co-Founder & CEO of Charityvest. He is a social sector, business strategy, and organizational leadership specialist having spent the last ten years consulting to increase the impact of public, social, and faith-based initiatives. He also has a people-focused leadership background as an infantry officer in the US Army. He is currently studying at the Yale School of Management, and is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology where he studied both Economics and Business Management as a President’s Scholar.



Jon Koon is the Co-Founder and CTO of Charityvest. Jon is a seasoned technologist, having worked as a software developer at Twitter, Inc. since 2013. He has an extensive background creating highly responsive, simple and well-architected applications that solve real problems. Before Twitter, Jon worked with The Proven Method, an Atlanta-based software firm designing custom business applications for Fortune 500 companies. Jon has also taught college-level computer science at The Creative Circus. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Computer Science.

From Stephen Kump & Jon Koon and Charityvest

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Charityvest creates an efficient digital platform for all charitable giving that drastically improves the giving experience for donors and lowers the cost of fundraising for nonprofits. The platform is based upon providing free, digital and tax-deductible donor-advised funds ("Charity Funds") that enable instant online giving with no fee to any organization in the US. Charityvest erodes the $14B+ in charitable transaction costs by generating revenue using a capital management business model. This is done by investing a portion of the aggregate capital through its system.

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