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Shiao-Yin Kuik

Shiao-Yin Kuik is Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Thought Collective. She is passionate about transforming cities through marketplace innovation. Focusing on creative business development and community relations for the Collective, she also oversees Food for Thought and still teaches in the School of Thought. She speaks regularly on issues of social entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Outside of The Collective, she founded Myles & More, a creative video agency, and The Public Domain, a co-workspace for social good, with her husband, Brandon Krause. Before starting The Collective, she was the co-founder and creative director for a web design studio. Shiao-Yin has a degree in architecture from the National University of Singapore.

The Thought Collective is a group of five social enterprises that share the common mission of building up Singapore’s social and emotional capital. Since 2002, we have been in the business of moving public dialogue towards the common good of the city. Our five brands represent five strategies we use to carry out the mission. School of Thought is a school that drives innovation in civic learning. Think Tank is a creative agency that curates content and designs information to make meaning in a complex world. Food for Thought creates restaurants that uplift community spaces. Thinkscape develops experiences that advocate new perspectives on industries, institutions, and issues. Common Ground bridges the public, private and people sector to innovate solutions for social problems.

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