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North Central University // Founder, Khana

Shayna Fowler

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Shayna is a twenty-two-year-old Ohio native. With a degree in Entrepreneurship and Biblical Studies, she is passionate about participating in the sacred reconciliation of all things. Prior to her work with Khana, at the age of 15, Shayna founded a non-profit that held self-esteem and students rights assemblies for 5-12 grade girls. Within the first year of the organization’s existence, 9 girls in Central Ohio were rescued from sex trafficking. At 17, Shayna was named one of Ohio’s 20 Outstanding Women. Upon graduating high school, Shayna spent one year in Eldoret, Kenya. These experiences fostered the idea to develop underwear, as well as a continued pursuit of women's equality.

Khana is a social venture on a mission to develop the world's most powerful pair of panties. We believe when women can focus less on surviving in the world, they are better equipped to transform it. That’s why we’re meeting the basic female needs with underwear. This year, 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa will miss school due to menstruation, and many will drop out entirely. Panties can change that. Khana is developing a line of ethically-manufactured, absurdly comfortable panties for U.S. consumers, which will fund the production and distribution of a line of period-proof panties for Ugandan beneficiaries.