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Sarah Dubbeldam

Sarah Dubbeldam is passionate about helping women thrive. Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Concordia University, which led her to work in the film and modeling industries. In this space, she found her passion to broaden the ideals of “beauty” through cultural messaging and founded Darling Media. Sarah is now a cultural thought leader and has been interviewed on outlets such as CNN, NBC, Refinery 29 and Huffington Post, and speaks nationally on the movement of Darling. She and her husband, Steve, founder of Wilderness Collective, have one son, Judah, and live in Los Angeles.

As a young fashion model, Sarah Dubbeldam recognized the unattainable standards of beauty placed on women and a need for media that focused on inner character and soul wellness. Out of this passion she founded Darling Media, which consists of a print magazine, a large online and social platform with over 450K followers, video content and interactive, meaningful events. Darling is a leading voice in culture as the first magazine to not retouch women’s skin or bodies, featuring over 150 celebrities and creating multimedia campaigns for brands such as Nike, Aerie, Alaska Airlines, and Expedia.

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