Our Entrepreneurs

World Wide Open

Samuel Melvin

Sam has overseen the technology development and general operations of World Wide Open since its inception. Prior to WWO, he was a partner at Vision Launchers, where he was instrumental in new customer acquisition and developing strategic/marketing plans for both start-ups and existing companies. He also worked with TGV Partners, providing due diligence consulting on their acquisition of Thompson Center Arms, which eventually sold to Smith & Wesson. He is a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA and currently lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife and new baby daughter.

World Wide Open is a fast growing online network of action oriented Christians, churches and non-profits. Their mission is to maximize the global impact of the Church by eliminating apathy and redundancy which are fueled by a lack of knowledge, connectivity and opportunities to get involved. Their global web-based network of Christians, churches and organizations are interconnected with thousands of user-generated resources and service opportunities so anyone, anywhere can learn about local and global issues and make an impact. WWO is currently available in 8 languages and is used by over 12,000 leaders in more than 100 countries.