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Sam Dharmapala

Sam created Regenesys BPO in the Philippines in reaction to stories of human trafficking there. He spent six years as an engineer in the Australian mining industry, then completed his M.B.A. at Melbourne University and began working in banking, where he specialized in operations, risk, and technology across top-tier banks including JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank. He moved to the Philippines seven years ago to manage Deutsche's product control technology team. Four years ago, he was inspired to explore how technology-based jobs can transform the lives of survivors. His life is constantly enriched by his wife, Mindy, and two children, Benjamin and Grace.

From Sam Dharmapala and Regenesys BPO

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Regenesys BPO is a business process outsourcing company based in the Philippines that provides sales support, operations and back office services to clients in the US, Australia and the UK.  We enable clients to adopt automation and leading cloud-based as-a-service platforms that delivers better outcomes compared to traditional outsourcing.  Regenesys was created with the purpose of restoring the lives of survivors of slavery by employing them in technology-centric jobs.  Through a unique technical and core skills development program, we achieve significant transformation by equipping them with both workplace and life skills. Survivors benefit from computer-based employment due to its high demand, broad career options, transferrable skills, and the financial independence that it provides.

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