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Sajan George


Sajan George spent the first half of his career doing corporate turnarounds - turning around companies in crisis in Canada, Australia, and the United States - for Arthur Andersen and Alvarez & Marsal.  Sajan then led the Education Practice for Alvarez & Marsal, where he was involved in some of the largest urban school district restructuring efforts including those in St. Louis, New Orleans, New York City, Washington, DC, and Detroit.  In 2011, Sajan founded the nonprofit school turnaround organization Matchbook Learning to apply these turnaround skills to bottom 5% K-12 public schools.  Currently, Sajan is leading a group of redemptive entrepreneurs in Indianapolis to launch a Praxis Guild of Redemptive Entrepreneurship in that city.

Matchbook Learning’s vision is to completely turnaround America’s most underperforming public schools by designing and implementing a unique teacher-centric hybrid model of school that coaches teachers to personalize instruction via content that is delivered through technology, but enhanced by a teacher’s own experience of autonomy, mastery and purpose over their instruction. This highly engaged personalized experience for teachers leads to personalized learning for each student who in turn will experience high levels of autonomy over their learning, mastery of the content and habits for success and a life purpose on which to set goals and make decisions.

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