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Ryan Keith & Remmy Hamapande

Ryan has transitioned out of leadership at Forgotten Voices. He is now the Pastor of Strategic Initiatives at West Shore Free Church. 


At West Shore Free Church, Ryan launches church-wide, strategic initiatives to more effectively engage with their neighbors in the West Shore and beyond. Before joining the staff in July 2018, Ryan served as President and Founder of Forgotten Voices, a ministry equipping local churches in Africa to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children orphaned in their communities. Forgotten Voices emerged out of a missions trip of West Shore back in 2004. Over his years at West Shore, Ryan has enjoyed serving as an elder, being on the preaching team, and volunteering in Awesome Adventure, youth group, and young adult ministries. Ryan is a proud Falcon, graduating from Messiah College in 2002 with a BA in Politics. Later, Ryan received his Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In addition to playing outside with his family, Ryan enjoys talking with strangers, learning to make animal sounds, and cheering on all of Boston’s sports teams after growing up in the Boston area. He and his wife, Katie, have been married since 2007 and have 3 children: Avery, Lia, and Camden.



Remmy is Africa & Zambia Director of Forgotten Voices. A former risk assessor for Barclay’s Bank in Zambia, Remmy felt called by God to become a children’s pastor. With high unemployment in Zambia, his bank boss thought he was crazy. Upon graduating from TCCA, a theological college in Zambia, Remmy met Ryan and a partnership began. Today, Remmy is charged with overseeing all Africa programs for Forgotten Voices. He is also a children’s pastor at his church and is BICC Zambia’s Secretary for General Education. He and his wife, Irene, live in Ndola, Zambia.

If you had a child, where would your him or her to go next if you died? To an orphanage? A response Americans rejected for its children about 80 years ago? Or to the loving care of a relative? Over the last 100 years, the local church network in Africa has exploded in growth, while the Western response to address orphan care still largely focuses on Western solutions. Forgotten Voices is innovating orphan care through the local church by catalyzing a sustainable, community based response to the orphan crisis. In southern Africa, Forgotten Voices is equipping carefully vetted local pastors in Africa to create custom plans and then makes a quiet investment into the plan, where beneficiaries only know about the local church, whenever possible. Sustainable income and tools introduced to help the church keep it going. Forgotten Voices partners with graduates of theologically sound, Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) recognized African seminaries, which are leading local churches.

Forgotten Voices - Praxis 2013 Nonprofit Accelerator Finale from Praxis on Vimeo.

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