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Rob Peabody

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Rob Peabody is the Co-Founder and CEO of VOMO, a web-based platform and application that leverages technology to power a global volunteer movement. Rob is a visionary who recently moved back to the US after living for six years in London. He founded a nonprofit called Awaken and started a national conference in the UK for millennials. Rob previously served as Global City Leader for London for the International Mission Board. He has also served as a megachurch pastor in the US. Rob has written multiple books and small group studies. He and his wife, Medea, have three children.

VOMO is powering a global volunteer movement by providing organizations with the tools needed to discover and initiate projects, connect to community causes, and to measure and amplify the impact of volunteering. VOMO leverages the power of technology to unleash a generation to change the world for good.

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