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Ricardo Pellafone


Ricardo Pellafone is the Founder of Broadcat. A former attorney, Ricardo’s experience leading global compliance investigations for a sovereign wealth company in Abu Dhabi and a Fortune 500 tech company in California led him to a simple conclusion: compliance training is generally pretty terrible. He started Broadcat to fix that, leveraging principles from design and behavioral science to re-imagine it from the ground up. Ricardo’s work at Broadcat has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Compliance Week, Compliance and Ethics Professional Magazine, and the Tulane Law Review (forthcoming). Ricardo lives in Dallas with his wife, Aimee.

Broadcat knows people hate their company’s ethics and compliance training—and that is because it has been done the wrong way. Traditional compliance training defines the problem as simply transferring knowledge, resulting in top-down e-learning courses that treat employees like children and lack measurable impact. Broadcat reframes the problem as influencing specific behaviors and decisions, transforming clunky courses and modules into lightweight, real-time reminders that are framed around specific job duties, delivered when employees have to make a relevant decision, and measured according to real-world behavioral outcomes.

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