Our Entrepreneurs

Pepperdine University // Co-Founders, Immerse

Quinn Taber & Jacob Furnari

After spending a childhood split between the Middle East, Europe, and California, Quinn started his first social entrepreneurship project focused on the Middle East at age fifteen and has been focused on starting companies ever since. He graduated from Pepperdine in 2014 with a degree in Economics and spent the following three years working for the Middle East Foundation through which he worked in 45+ countries while living and serving in various refugee camps. He moved back to California in July 2017 to found Immerse, a learning management system for language tutors.



Born and raised in Orange County with a passion for international development, Jacob Furnari loves living at the intersection of product design, entrepreneurship, and the developing world. He graduated from Pepperdine University in 2016 with a degree in Business and spent the following year working for the XPRIZE Foundation, a start-up incubator for social enterprises in West LA. He is currently the Chief Product Officer of Immerse where he manages design, engineering, and customer success all in the pursuit of product-market fit.

In this digital era students are tired of boring language textbooks and flash cards. With the help of social media, ten million students are connecting with sixty thousand language tutors across the globe to simulate language immersion. Unfortunately, skype lacks any tools, curriculum, or interactivity thus leaving both feeling discouraged. Our software connects the tutor and student in their own virtual city allowing them to practice daily activities, role play conversations, all the while immersing in the target culture. We are simultaneously working with four non-profits to train refugees to become immerse tutors and develop a sustainable livelihood.