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Paul Lee

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Ever since his mom brought home an x386 and a 2400-baud modem, Paul has been drawn to communities that are motivated by a common desire to help each other. Paul's personal motivation for working at Threadloom is to restore personal dignity on the Internet, and he's excited to work with an incredible team that practices this daily in person.

Prior to Threadloom, Paul worked at Google, McKinsey, and Foundation Strategy Group. He has served with International Justice Mission, World Relief, and the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative. He studied at Stanford and Harvard and lives in Palo Alto with his wife, a physician and homeschool instructor, and their two children.

Threadloom powers search and content newsletters for forums, that reach millions of subscribers and 10s of millions of monthly visitors. They believe that forums are the key to rewiring the Internet: By curating information in forums, they are building a model for curating quality information across the entire Internet. Their goal is to elevate discourse that is trustworthy, thoughtful, and respectful, and bring back an Internet that connects people through communities of learning and trust.

Their investors include Naspers Ventures, Pierre Omidyar/UP2398, Stanford, Promus Ventures, Elementum Ventures, and Sovereign's Capital. They have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Seattle Area.

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