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Parker Dail

Parker Dail began his professional career in London at BMS Group, Ltd., a designated Lloyd’s of London reinsurance brokerage firm. From there he relocated to Charlotte, N.C., where he oversaw sales and marketing with J. Arthur Dail, Inc., an employee-benefits brokerage firm that works with mid- to large-size corporations. In 2005, Parker co-founded Corporate Health Strategies, LLC, which works with large corporations, helping them develop effective chronic-disease management programs. In response to the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes around the world, Parker began the nonprofit, The Root Cause. Parker has degrees from Samford University and Dallas Theological Seminary.

The Root Cause assists local leaders throughout the world in strategically responding to Type 2 diabetes, which has risen to epidemic levels, affecting hundreds of millions of people. Through the work of local caregivers, we identify people who have Type 2 diabetes, expand education about the disease, and promote compliance with effective diabetes-management programs. The goal is to improve the quality of life for those with Type 2 diabetes and to save healthcare costs for governments of developing countries. Utilizing a proven, award-winning approach, The Root Cause operates in India and Burundi, and is expanding to other regions.

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