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West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE)

Noella Moshi & Misan Rewane

Noella Moshi is the Programs and Expansion Lead at WAVE Academies. Noella is a Tanzanian who grew up in Papua New Guinea, and is happy to now call Nigeria home. Since graduating with a Master’s in Clinical Science from the University of Cape Town, she has worked on projects that provide scalable solutions to problems of health and education in Africa. Prior to WAVE Academies, she was on the founding team of African Leadership University in Mauritius, and before that, was the Co-Founder of Goodbye Malaria in South Africa.

Misan Rewane is Co-Founder and CEO of WAVE Academies. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Misan is no stranger to the challenges of education and social mobility. When her parents, unable to ignore the education system's breakdown, were compelled to send her to the US for university, she resolved to help transform the region's education system. After graduating from Stanford University, she worked with The Monitor Group, TechnoServe, and the Centre for Public Policy Alternatives. As an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, she partnered with fellow West Africans who were passionate about  tackling youth unemployment and launched WAVE Academies in 2013.

From Noella Moshi & Misan Rewane and West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE)

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WAVE Academies works to convert Africa’s youth from “demographic liabilities” to “demographic dividends” through their training and job placement model. Their goal is to reach 25,000 youth annually by 2019. On average, WAVE alumni experience an income transformation of 3-4 times their baseline income (from $2/day to $6-8/day) through placements in front line hospitality and retail jobs. The simple training and job placement model has the potential to restore dignity and enhance livelihoods for millions of West African youth, thereby restoring the social fabric of the region.

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