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Lot 3 Productions

Morgan Perry & Jasen Chung

Morgan was a Fellow with her organization Lot 3 Productions, which she continues to lead in addition to working with Exodus Cry.


Morgan Perry is an American film producer and director who is passionate about using media to make a tangible difference in the world. She is known for the documentaries SEX+MONEY: A NATIONAL SEARCH FOR HUMAN WORTH (2011) about domestic minor sex trafficking, LIBERATED: THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION (2017, acquired by Netflix) examining today’s young adult hookup culture and the alarming normalization of sexual violation, and BEYOND FANTASY (2018, represented by Submarine Entertainment) exposing how far the porn industry is pushing the boundaries of legality in order to create provocative content. Motivated by a deep desire to determine how to combat commercial sexual exploitation effectively, Morgan has spent the past twelve years circumnavigating the globe for insights. Her diverse experience in war zones, red light districts, strip clubs, porn expos, inner cities, remote villages and more in over thirty-seven countries and all fifty states have given her a broad understanding of sexual exploitation and a unique perspective on how to address it. Morgan has been interviewed about her work by CNN, NBC, Christianity Today, World Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Family Talk Radio with Dr. James Dobson and more. In 2012 she received a Certificate of Recognition from the United States Department of Justice for her contribution towards resource development for front-line responders to sex trafficking victims. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media from the University of the Nations and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Policy from Regent University.



Jasen is the Campaign Director at KMP and the Sex+Money national campaign. After graduating from James Madison University with degrees in Management & Finance, he spent the next four years in the world of corporate banking. Then in 2009 he left the trading floor for the mission field by joining Youth With A Mission. His heart for media and justice was marked while being on the frontlines of Haiti’s earthquake, cholera epidemic, and political unrest. In addition to leading humanitarian efforts and prayer initiatives in Haiti, Jasen also produced short documentaries to help bring awareness and hope to the nation. Because of his heart for justice and passion to influence through mass media, he was recruited by Morgan Perry to assist bringing leadership to Sex+Money’s campaign and upcoming projects. 2013 marks his 5th year as a missionary with YWAM. 

Lot 3 Productions (Formerly Kairos Media Productions (KMP)) is a non-profit that uses media to inspire hope that influences audiences to make everlasting change. Lot 3 Productions produces relevant media, customized audience participation, and impact measurment. Their first project is Sex+Money: A National Search For Human Worth which is the only documentary about child sex trafficking in America and the modern-day "abolitionist movement" that is fighting to stop it. Sex+Money has been used by over 180 organizations including the FBI, Salvation Army, and World Vision to rescue and restore these children and prevent further abuse. The goal of the Sex+Money Campaign is to bring freedom to those who are enslaved.

Kairos Media - Praxis 2013 Nonprofit Accelerator Finale from Praxis on Vimeo.