Our Entrepreneurs

Telunas Resorts

Mike Schubert & Mark Tovell

Mike Schubert is an entrepreneur focused on creating impactful companies in challenging places through committed leaders. Upon graduating from college, Mike served as an officer in the US Army and his wife Laura worked as a sixth grade teacher. A three-week vacation with a group of college friends to Southeast Asia in 2000 changed the trajectory of their lives as they caught a vision for creating a boutique resort that would make a difference in the surrounding fishing villages. Mike and Laura are blessed with four children who love living in Indonesia and experiencing the beauty of the people.



Mark Tovell serves as the Director of Strategic Leadership at Telunas Resorts. Mark is passionate about seeing businesses strategically aligned and living out a purpose of impact and redemption in the communities that they operate. He is committed to raising up leaders in challenging places, who serve and empower their team and communities to become more than they think they can be. Before joining Telunas Resorts, Mark launched and led a leadership consulting firm focused on developing leaders, high performing teams, and healthy organizations. Mark and his wife, Maria, and their two boys live in Indonesia.

Telunas Resorts started as a rustic eco-resort for backpackers and has turned into two boutique resorts known for five-star customer service and a commitment to running a quadruple bottom line business. The Telunas Resorts brand, managed by BME Services, a sister company, is in the process of developing their third boutique resort on a 60-acre private island off the coast of Belitung, Indonesia. Plans are to expand the Telunas Resorts brand into a dozen plus locations in Indonesia and the surrounding region through direct ownership and/or hotel management contracts.

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