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Chosen & Dearly Loved

Mike Gallagher

Mike and his wife Mandy Gallagher have six children, three adopted (one domestically, two from Uganda) with various special needs. Since co-founding Chosen & Dearly Loved in 2014, their mission is to provide permanent families to orphaned children, helping separated children to be healed and reunited with biological family, and abandoned or abused children to be adopted by loving adoptive family. Mike has served the Leadership Council of Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO), the International Advisory Board of University of the Nations (YWAM). Mike has a private equity background and currently owns and serves as Chairman of Educational Outfitters Group.

Chosen & Dearly Loved attacks root causes of the orphan crisis through dynamic partnerships with global leaders. Their historic initiative, 1MILLIONHOME, is innovating and scaling solutions proven to get orphaned children home.
Their work:
- Transforms orphanages into “responsible reunification” centers. Rather than housing kids apart from families long-term, revitalized operations: (i) rehabilitate kids from trauma, and (ii) recruit and equip loving biological parents for them to be reunited with.
- Advances a paradigm shift in global orphan care that mandates family permanence.
- Recruits and equips adoptive parents for orphaned children with special needs who can’t be reunited

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