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Melody Murray

An entrepreneur since she was six and a marketer by trade, Melody Murray desires to eradicate the word “unemployable.” Mel is married to David, the owner of Dehradun Guitar Company, and they have two boys. After 10 years in marketing with Procter & Gamble, Walmart and Coca-Cola, Mel and her family joined a venture to create jobs in Tibet for 7 years. This took the Murrays to a small village at the base of the Himalayas in 2010, where they began creating holistic jobs, building a new culture, and bringing family to as many of the marginalized as possible.

From Melody Murray and JOYN

2016 Business Accelerator Finale:

JOYN is defying the fast-fashion industry with “purposeful inefficiency” — putting work back into the hands of hundreds of artisans by believing that all should have the right to a job. JOYN creates holistic employment to those who wouldn’t otherwise have work: The oppressed and marginalized, the diseased and disabled, the refugee, the abused, the homeless. Currently employing hundreds of artisans in north India and looking to expand in other developing nations in the years to come, JOYN connects artisans with healthy markets. JOYN: Fashioning Better Lives.

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