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Matt Pritchard // Scale Fellow

Matt Pritchard is the President and Executive Director of HomeStart, Inc. Previously, Matt launched and led a portfolio of social enterprises at a Boston homeless shelter where he moved into the shelter bunks to better understand and subsequently serve severely marginalized communities. After witnessing his bunk mates' pain and journeys, Matt dedicated his life to crafting solutions to pervasive social problems around household stability. Matt and his wife Nicole have four sons and are active in the foster care and adoption community. Matt earned a Bachelors in Philosophy and Business from Wheaton College (IL) and an MBA from Duke University.

HomeStart is a Greater Boston nonprofit that seeks to end homelessness. HomeStart has found permanent homes and provided stabilization services for more than 8,000 people living on the street and in shelters and prevented evictions and homelessness for more than 2,000 households in poverty, 97% of whom maintain stability long-term. HomeStart recently monetized its eviction prevention program, thereby developing a socially disruptive, economically sustainable and scalable program that will allow them to eliminate homelessness due to nonpayment eviction in Massachusetts for both families with subsidies and the working poor. Their ultimate goal is to create a model for national replication.

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