Our Entrepreneurs

Calvin College and Bethel University // Co-Founders, Adopt a Box

Matthew Herringshaw & Nick VanderKolk

Matt Herringshaw is the co-founder and CEO of Adopt a Box. From the time his weekly allowance seemed like a fortune, Matt Herringshaw has been genuinely fascinated and motivated by the power of generosity. His goal is for Adopt a Box to encourage us all to mirror the widow in Luke 21:1-4. Matt currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife Alexa and their golden retriever, Luna.



Nick VanderKolk's passion is to see technology and innovation align itself with the Gospel and narrow its sacred/secular divide. Since leaving a corporate position, Nick has spearheaded the development and technology of Adopt a Box by iterating quickly and making data-informed decisions that fuel growth. Nick and his wife Anneri currently live in Grand Rapids, MI.

Adopt a Box is an online crowdfunding platform positioned to be the most interactive and useful approach to digital fundraising. Adopt A Box partners with individuals and non-profits to build charity-based campaigns for humanitarian causes, mission trips, tuition needs, medical bills, and much more - bringing provision and peace to all spheres of society.