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OneWorld Health

Matt Alexander & Michael O’Neal

Matt Alexander is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at OneWorld Health. Prior to joining the organization, Matt worked in fundraising and program development at Prison Fellowship Ministries. Since 2009, Matt has provided OneWorld Health with executive leadership and strategic direction in transitioning the organization from vision to reality. While growing OneWorld Health, Matt completed his MBA from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. He lives in Charleston, SC, with his wife and two children.



Michael O’Neal is the Director of International Projects at OneWorld Health. As the organization's global pioneer, Michael lived in Masindi, Uganda for two years overseeing construction and development of OneWorld Health's first project. Prior to joining OneWorld Health, Michael worked for Young Life in Costa Rica and returned to the United States to manage a construction company. Michael received his Masters in International Development from Eastern University in 2012. Now based in Charleston, SC with his wife, Michael oversees OneWorld Health's International Project Development in Central America and East Africa.

OneWorld Health is upending healthcare in the developing world by moving beyond relief to achieve long-term improvements in health. OneWorld Health currently operates three financially self-sustaining health centers in Uganda and Nicaragua with additional projects underway in each country. The organization utilizes a facility-based model for healthcare, offering a full scope of medical services delivered by trained locals and offered at a price point affordable to the overwhelming majority of the population. OneWorld Health is working to change the culture of healthcare in the developing world by having patients take ownership in their health through a fee-for-service model. By creating financially sustainable health centers that offer low-cost services, OneWorld Health is bridging the gap between the under-functioning public healthcare system and unaffordable private health services.

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