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Mark Sears

Mark Sears is the Founder & CEO of CloudFactory and is passionate about using his blend of technology and business experience towards the vision of connecting one million people to online work. Mark started his career as a software developer with Sun Microsystems before spending 10 years in different technology and product roles at startups around North America. He helped a five-person tech startup grow to 130 employees after raising $48M in capital, then ran his own company for six years. He and his wife lived in Nepal for 6 years where their two kids and CloudFactory were born. Mark then lived in Raleigh/Durham, NC to help build out sales and marketing before moving to Reading, UK to open a CloudFactory Global HQ. A proud Canadian, Mark grew up in Alberta then studied computer science and business at the University of Alberta.

CloudFactory is using technology to create meaningful work for as many people as possible by building the best on-demand digital workforce known to man. Whether it is extracting valuable information from scanned documents, images, audio, video, or the web - CloudFactory searches the world to find, train and equip the best on-demand workforce to scale your business. We are driven by our vision of developing 1 million talented young leaders who change the way the world works - change how companies get work done, change how and why people work, and change a world where talent is equally distributed but opportunities are not.

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