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Leighton Cusack

Leighton Cusack lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Leighton was the Co-Founder of Kindrid, a company dedicated to increasing generosity through technology and served as their CEO from 2011-2016. Kindrid was acquired in 2017 and continues operating today. Leighton is a Deacon at Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg, a lecturer in business at the King's College, and was an EIR in the 2019 Praxis Venture Lab exploring new economic structures before co-founding PoolTogether. Leighton is also interested in communal living, chess, and coffee.

PoolTogether is an Ethereum application that makes saving money as fun as a game. Customers join a pool by buying a “savings ticket” - each savings ticket giving them a chance to win a prize - but even if they don’t win, they keep all their money. PoolTogether lets people have the best of both worlds -- saving money and the chance to win a prize.