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Leighton Cusack


Leighton joins the Venture Lab after completing the sale of Kindrid, a giving platform that unleashed generosity by making giving easier.  He joins the Venture Lab during a period of sustained inquiry into the sufficiency of the building blocks of our current economic order.  In Leighton’s view, the emergence of blockchain technology represents a cultural shift towards a new kind of “economic software.”  Could new forms of exchange bring about a more just and humane society in which a minimally decent life was available to an increasing number of citizens? 

While Leighton is most interested in the economic order that could emerge, his tenure in the Venture Lab begins by looking back at the emergence of the modern economic order and the social and theological conditions that predated it.  This knowledge in hand, Leighton’s next venture will capitalize on the power of emergent forms of economic exchange and marshal them towards a more just and humane social order.