Our Entrepreneurs

Clark Atlanta University // Founder and CEO, TryGod.Co

Leah Hernandez

Leah Hernandez is a junior Business Administration major at Clark Atlanta University. Born and raised in Fontana California. Leah is CEO and Founder of TryGod.Co. Leah lives her life by the quote “Love is the regulating factor”- Martin Luther King Jr. Leah’s purpose is to love others and to allow God’s light to shine through her. She plans to continuously outpour all the knowledge and wisdom that has been outpoured to her, to ensure that everyone is given the same and equal opportunities to excel.

TryGod.Co is a non-profit publishing company that exist to share the stories of inner city students. They provide students economic sustainability through book publishing. Royalties from their Young Authors books go directly to a college savings account for each Young Author. Their program fosters an environment where students can create their own children's book that reflects their community, culture, and experiences. The Young Authors program assists students in writing a compelling and entertaining children's book and teaches financial literacy.