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Kelly Lyndgaard

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Kelly Lyndgaard is the Founder and CEO of Unshattered. Kelly is an engineer and physicist by training, but a problem solver and strategist at heart. She has a keen eye for ideas worth pursuing and is passionate about unveiling overlooked talent and value. Inspired by the strength and commitment of women doing the hard work of recovery from addiction, she left her executive career in the IT industry to build a social enterprise focused on ending relapse and helping women build a path to sustained sobriety, independence, and economic stability.

Unshattered is a nonprofit social enterprise providing pathways toward economic independence and sustained sobriety for women winning their fight against addiction. The women of Unshattered handcraft bags and accessories out of high quality, repurposed materials including military uniforms, Broadway sets, scrap from premium manufacturers, and more. These products are tangible representations of the transformation occurring in the lives of the artists: broken pieces made whole.  The strategy of Unshattered is to empower employees as if they were entrepreneurs funding their own jobs and to operate with an integrated personal development curriculum. We are a community of like-minded individuals, expressing purpose and value through work, and pursuing continued growth and maturity through a Biblically based personal development curriculum. Unshattered currently boasts a 0% relapse rate for their employees.

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