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Josh Chambers

Josh Chambers is Co-Founder, CEO & CPO of Earmark, a mobile app that helps people spend money on things that really matter to them and skip the stuff that doesn’t. Prior to starting Earmark, Josh led global strategy for Reebok across digital and traditional media as the director of strategy at Tribal DDB NYC. During that time, his global peers voted him one of 2010’s “Awesome Advertising Strategists.” Josh's background as a Google Analytics consultant, web designer, brand planner and front-end developer uniquely positions him to uncover human insights, translate them into product development, and quickly test engagement. Josh has built products and brands for the likes of Reebok, PUMA, IMG, Advil, Centrum and Viacom. He studied international development at Calvin College.

Earmark destroys buyer’s remorse by helping people avoid superfluous purchases and achieve their spending goals, upending the advertising industry in the process. Dubbed “Brilliant” by PandoDaily, Earmark’s addictive savings app enables you to track what you don’t buy so you can indulge in what you really want - skip the latte and shift that unspent money towards a guilt-free splurge on an iPad. In the process, Earmark uncovers what consumers want and when they aspire to buy it, enabling peer-to-peer suggestions and the delivery of perfectly timed ads from abnormally relevant brands. Earmark has generated over $1MM in spending intent in the its two months.

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