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Jessica Kim

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Jessica Kim has transitioned out of leadership at BabbaCo, following its acquisition by Barefoot Books in 2014. She is now the Co-Founder of ianacare.


Jessica Kim is Co-Founder of ianacare, a community and platform to help caregivers of loved ones with prolonged illnesses navigate this complex journey. As with her other previous two startup ventures, she draws from a core insight and turns it into a business that has a positive impact. Jessica graduated from Brown University and received her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Jessica and her husband, Peter, live in Boston with their three active kids.

From Jessica Kim and BabbaCo

Love is the Alpha & the Omega of Startups

BabbaCo is now part of Barefoot Books (2014).

Our mission is to help families create moments that count. We transform daily routines into something unique and memorable by providing practical solutions that fit into your routine.