Our Entrepreneurs


Jeremy Khoo

Jeremy remained in leadership at Dressabelle, following its acquisition by iFashion Group in 2016. iFashion Group was acquired by MC Payment. Jeremy is now Group CEO of iFashion Group.


Jeremy Khoo is a business operator with a passion for the Southeast Asian e-commerce space, currently focused on building his regional e-commerce fast fashion label Dressabelle, headquartered in Singapore. Jeremy is also currently the Co-Founder of online shopping platform, Megafash, and was previously employed with the Ministry of Defense of Singapore before founding Dressabelle in 2008.

Dressabelle is now part of iFashion Group (2016).


Fashion is a form of expression. It is both inward and outward, allowing us to creatively identify ourselves in this world of endless beauty. All too often, fashion brands us, forcing us to assume its form, losing our creativity and identity in process. We are neither happy nor contented, caught in the pursuit of a form in which we are not. Dressabelle is changing it up. We seek to delight you with apparel that you love – flattering silhouettes, stylish designs at affordable prices, allowing you to shine through. Our personal touch of quality and value exists in design, sourcing and manufacturing. Trust is as important to us as it is to you. Our customer service team and personal stylists are always ready to ensure your shopping experience with us is smooth. We provide the best online shopping experience that you deserve. Either way, we encourage you to be yourself and be expressive in your unique way. Afterall, you are already beautiful.