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Jeremiah & Niki Parks

Jeremiah Parks is the Co-Founder and Executive Director for Heartwork. Jeremiah earned a BS in Youth Ministry from Oral Roberts University. He has been in pastoral ministry since graduation, serving as a Youth Pastor and Community Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs from 2002 to 2015. He is a proud Texan but loves living in and exploring the Rocky Mountains with his family. Jeremiah’s passion for life and ministry are what fuel Heartwork. He loves challenging and inspiring student groups, visiting with orphans and vulnerable children internationally, and engaging Fathers and Mothers of today’s young generation.  



Niki Parks serves as the Director of Operations for Heartwork. She graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in International Community Development, with an emphasis in Youth Ministry and Spanish. Niki worked in youth ministry at New Life Church in Colorado Springs for 7 years before founding Heartwork with her husband, Jeremiah. She has served in local church ministry by leading worship, mission trips, and the administration of a large youth group. She now oversees operations and content creation for Heartwork while raising 3 sweet kids, Camden, Asher, and Aftyn. 

Discipleship in the way of sacrificial generosity is one of the best ways to challenge the entitlement today’s young people are facing. This young generation is growing up extremely privileged, and yet struggling with significant isolation and emptiness. The Heartwork challenge to “live differently” offers students a new perspective, inviting them into Kingdom work, here and now. Heartwork impacts the way students see socio-economic challenges, and how they study, serve, and spend their resources, both now and into their futures. 

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