Our Entrepreneurs

Starfish Project

Jenny McGee

Jenny McGee is the Founder and CEO of the Starfish Project, a social enterprise dedicated to restoring hope to trafficked and exploited women. The organization operates in three cities in Asia and also has an office in the United States. Starfish Project is both a fully self-sustaining jewelry business and a charity. Jenny also serves on the senior leadership team of an international organization offering support to expats living in Asia. In the past, Jenny served as the chief representative of the Alpha Communities International.

Starfish Project is a non-profit organization with a social enterprise that cares for women and girls escaping human trafficking and exploitation. We help women experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers. Our Holistic Care Programs provide each woman with vocational training, health care, shelter and counseling. We provide real career opportunities through our social enterprise where these women not only create beautiful jewelry, but they become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers. Starfish Project has employed over 145 women and has served thousands through our Community Outreach Programs.

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