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Standard Cyborg

Jeff Huber & Garrett Spiegel

Jeff is Co-Founder of Standard Cyborg. He studied Economics and Industrial Engineering at N.C. State before dropping out to launch a startup. He most recently worked as a software engineer and Head of Product for another venture-backed startup. When he is not working, you’re most likely to find Jeff in a coffee shop reading something obscure or writing something esoteric.



Garrett is Co-Founder of Standard Cyborg. He studied Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and focused his energy on the intersection of medical device repair and design in resource-limited clinical settings. Prior to Standard Cyborg, he led the design and development of neonatal medical devices at D-Rev, where his devices are being used to treat babies in over 30 countries. When he is not working, you’re most likely to find Garrett teaching his newborn son, Micah, how to find joy in advanced sports analytics or hiking with his wife, Zee, when she gets a break from her Pediatrics residency.

Standard Cyborg is a San Francisco-based software company that is reinventing the way custom devices are made. Its Design Studio software enables the accurate, fast, and replicable creation of custom medical devices. Its beachhead market is prosthetics and orthotics. The company uses 3D scanning, proprietary 3D modeling software, and 3D printing to replace the 100-year-old, completely manual design and fabrication process with a digital, soon-to-be automated one. It is backed by leading investors in Silicon Valley, including Y Combinator. 

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