Our Entrepreneurs


Jeff Ehmann & Richard Roseboom

Richard Roseboom, Co-Founder of MicroMech, is responsible for overseeing MicroMech’s technology with primary roles in research and development, team leadership, strategy and marketing. Richard comes from a business background and is the Founder of Neota Corp, an integrated marketing and cloud software company focused on helping businesses succeed through strategic planning, business development, technology, and integrated marketing solutions. Using entrepreneurship as a tool to help improve people’s lives is Richard's basis for creating sustainable companies that leave an impact. Richard is excited for the opportunity MicroMech has presented to begin developing innovative products and services that are unmatched in the marketplace.



Jeff Ehmann, Co-Founder of MicroMech, has transitioned from MicroMech but remains as an advisor and shareholder. At his time at MicroMech, he was responsible for overseeing all business activities of the organization, with primary roles in business development, vision and strategy, operations and finance. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and has developed strong analytical and problem solving skills through his experience as a Structural Engineer. Jeff is passionate about creating business solutions that empower individuals, create value for customers and improve the quality of life for all involved. He is inspired by the opportunity MicroMech has provided to drastically improve the auto industry through innovative technology, creating value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Avo (Formerly MicroMech) is a multi-faceted automotive tech company that aims to lead in the next era of the industry. Avo is building a platform that automates vehicle ownership. Want to know more? Get in touch!

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