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Martin Bionics

Jay Martin & Blake Gudgel

Jay Martin, CP, LP, FAAOP, is a career inventor and entrepreneur, and the Founder and President of Martin Bionics. As a forefront leader in the prosthetics field, his designs radically change the quality of life of amputees, and he has been invited by NASA and DARPA to play a role in developing some of the world’s most revolutionary prosthetics. “Advancing the human experience through innovation” is not just a tagline for Jay; rather, it is founded in his DNA and he considers it his calling.



Blake Gudgel has spent the last 13 years leading development and operations efforts in early-stage technology companies. Blake earned degrees in Entrepreneurship/Venture Management and Marketing from the University of Oklahoma, while working for a young prosthetics technology company as it became the largest in the US. Going on to work with several tech companies across the US and Europe and two years leading technology commercialization for a major university, Blake always maintained a heart for amputees. In 2018, Blake moved his family from Washington, DC to Oklahoma to help Martin Bionics eliminate the greatest source of amputee pain – hard sockets.

Martin Bionics is a prosthetics research and technology company with a goal of advancing the human experience through innovation. Their NASA-inspired prosthetic socket technologies change the status quo of how prosthetics are fit, and improve quality of life for amputees around the world.

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