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Jason Janz & Juan Pena

Jason Janz is a social entrepreneur and pastor in Denver, CO. Jason desires to help spark a neighbor-loving movement in and through the church of Jesus Christ. After pastoring for eleven years, Jason moved to a diverse, low-income neighborhood to start a church and to walk with the poor. Five years ago, his church began a poverty abolition program that helps families exit poverty and become self-sufficient. Jason is the founder of Providence Bible Church, Co-Founder of Upstream Impact and CrossPurpose, and serves as CEO for CrossPurpose. Jason and his wife Jen have four boys and live in inner-city Denver.



Juan Pena was born in Bogota, Colombia, and immigrated to the United States as a Spanish-speaking 14-year-old. Juan assisted in starting a poverty abolition program that helps families exit poverty and become self-sufficient. Juan is deeply engaged in serving the northeast Denver community. He is the founding board member of University Preparatory School and is the Co-Founder of CrossPurpose. Juan and his wife Courtney have four boys and live in the Clayton neighborhood.

From Jason Janz & Juan Pena and CrossPurpose

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CrossPurpose began in 2008 when a group of people located in a Northeast Denver neighborhood gathered to start Providence Bible Church and walk with the poor. After working with over 5,000 people in poverty from various populations, the community realized they had to stop asking the question “How do we help someone in poverty?” and begin asking, “How do we get someone out of poverty?” Seeking to answer that second question, CrossPurpose was launched in the fall of 2014. By combining national best practices in poverty alleviation and the needs of the neighborhood context, they developed UpRise, a holistic, faith-based career development program and a secular counterpart, Upstream.

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