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Jason Ballard

Jason Ballard is the CEO & Co-Founder of TreeHouse. A native of small-town East Texas, he studied biology and ecology at Texas A&M University. He is a voracious reader, and enjoys trail ultra-marathons and fly fishing in his spare time. He and his wife Jenny have two children. Before opening TreeHouse, Jason was an aspirant to be a priest in the Episcopal Church.

From Jason Ballard and TreeHouse

2016 Business Accelerator Finale:

TreeHouse is a home design and performance company with a focus on health, sustainability, quality, and responsibility. We have a highly curated selection of home building & improvement products, materials, and technologies that are often paired with turn-key, human-centered services. Homes are at the center of many of the ecological and human health concerns that we face, and TreeHouse is working hard to make sure that the way we shelter ourselves causes no irreparable harm to the world, its creatures, or ourselves.