Our Entrepreneurs


Ivan Ravlich & Daniel Maren

Ivan Ravlich bridges the divide between various technology disciplines (chemical engineering, materials science, aerospace engineering, theoretical physics) and is a problem solver at heart. Ivan has been involved in many cutting-edge technology startups (from biofuels to plasma rockets) and has experienced firsthand the challenges that face emerging technologies. These multidisciplinary experiences shaped his “beyond borders” worldview which drives the product and technology innovations at Hypernet.



Originally from Indonesia, Daniel Maren studied computer science at Stanford University. Later, Daniel founded a solar electronics company, Dragonfly Systems, which was acquired by Sunpower Corporation in 2014. His expertise in business development and finance earned him the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 award. Daniel is now putting his business and computer science background to use as a cofounder of Hypernet.

Hypernet enables privacy preserving, in-network data analytics. Data is generated in the physical world, but currently that data must be aggregated before global insights can be extracted. Hypernet allows data to stay where it was generated while still gaining the insights required to fuel a company's business model. This naturally increases data privacy, reduces backhaul to the cloud, and provides real-time streaming data analytics for IoT, FinTech, healthcare, and enhanced user experiences.

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