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Hunt Davis

Hunt Davis is CEO of Canopy. While previously working as an investment banker, Hunt met founder Tyler Graybeal on a canoe camping trip in the Adirondacks. From there, Hunt served as an investor and advisor to Canopy before joining the company full-time. At Canopy, Hunt uses his passion for problem solving to tackle the challenge of simplifying the highly complex home-services space. Hunt also loves to spend time outdoors, especially when a bike is involved.

From Hunt Davis and Canopy

2016 Business Accelerator Finale

Canopy is solving the problem of hiring and managing home services. Both homeowners and service providers alike suffer from many friction points involved in the purchase and delivery of these services, creating numerous inefficiencies and extraneous costs. Canopy is an online platform that allows homeowners to easily hire and manage their routine maintenance services. This is achieved with simple pricing and services delivered by the area’s top providers, along with Canopy's outstanding team that helps people manage their homes. Canopy's desire is to bring a little peace to an otherwise chaotic and expensive part of life.

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