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Hogan Bassey & Matt Elsberry

As a young boy growing up in Nigeria, Hogan Bassey was tired of battling mosquitoes and malaria. At ten years old, a determined Hogan mixed up a home brew of household chemicals in the family bathtub in hopes of stopping mosquitoes and malaria for good. Although his homemade concoction fell short of his goal, Hogan never gave up his dream of helping people escape the discomfort and sometimes deadly diseases that come from insect bites. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, world traveler and Atlanta-area businessman, Hogan founded LivFul, Inc., a company that pioneers safe, innovative and accessible solutions to health issues around the world.



Matt Elsberry is an explorer and adventurer who loves working and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. After helping a nonprofit expand from 3 to 80 countries in six years, Matt decided to dedicate his life to blurring the line between mission and business. He and his wife spent five years in Jakarta, Indonesia, building the kingdom of God while they increased the Bumi Raya Group’s profitability through their three listed companies and several private ones. He sees his work at LivFul as a shining example of how a company can build the kingdom while building a profitable business.

Mosquitoes and other biting insects provide more than a painful sting - they can deliver some of the world's most deadly debilitating diseases. At LivFul, we envision a world where people are protected from biting insects so they can live life to the fullest potential. Our mission is to deliver the most effective repellents in the world to touch of the lives of the 600 million people each year that contract an insect-borne disease and 3 billion more at risk. Our patented, plant-based technology, STAYTECH, works with repellents to make them skin-friendly and more effective for long periods of time. With STAYTECH we'll able to create the most effective repellents in the world.

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