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Gabe Cooper

Gabe Cooper is the Founder of Virtuous Software. He is also the Co-Founder of Brushfire Interactive and Shotzoom. His passion for building great software can be seen in the products he creates. After serving in leadership at a large nonprofit, Gabe became a founding member of Perk Development (later Brushfire/Shotzoom). He went on to build a series of successful products in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Accolades include: Apple’s Top 5 Grossing, Apple’s Design of the Year Award, Starbucks “App of the Week,” and a Microsoft Case Study. Gabe, his wife, and their five kids live in Gilbert, AZ.

From Gabe Cooper and Virtuous

2016 Business Accelerator Finale:

Virtuous nonprofit CRM is helping charities raise more money, inspire more action, and create more good. Currently, nonprofits are handcuffed to antiquated donor management software, tools that see donors as transactions or sales leads — not relationships. At Virtuous, we believe that true generosity is driven by our relationships and personal passions. And we’ve created the only cloud-based CRM with data-driven relational intelligence specifically designed to expand generosity. Because donor management software acts as the command center for most charities, Virtuous has the ability to transform the nonprofit sector with its elegant, relationship-centric platform.

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