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Eddo Kim

Eddo Kim is the founder and president of The Supply, a nonprofit organization that builds low-cost private secondary schools in urban slums and integrates a human rights service-learning curriculum to empower the slum children. Combining passion with a thirst for research, Eddo holds steadfastly onto the belief that these informal settlements have the potential to be thriving urban spaces in the 21st Century. Eddo, a native Southern Californian, received his bachelors from the University of Pennsylvania, M.A. in Education Leadership at Columbia University, and Ed.M. in International Education Policy from Harvard University.

Hi! We're the supply! We are partnering with low-cost private secondary schools in urban slums to collaboratively integrate a service learning curriculum. Why service learning and civic education? Because the root problem of urban slums is not only extreme poverty but also exclusion and exploitation of human rights. There are 1 billion slum dwellers today That number is expected to grow to 3 billion by 2050. More than half will be youth under 18. We don't see this as a problem; we see this as an opportunity. Help us activate the next generation of leaders and changemakers who will create the cities of tomorrow.

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