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Samford University // Founder and CEO, StreetMetrics

Drew Jackson


Drew Jackson is the founder and CEO of StreetMetrics, a platform calculating marketing exposure for advertising on cars, buses, and bikes. He graduated from Samford University and earned a degree in Finance and Sports Marketing. He's a recent graduate of the Velocity Accelerator, a 13-week emersion program to help grow early-stage companies. Drew is regularly involved with Magic City Woodworks and is on the junior board of Restoration Academy.

StreetMetrics is the most advanced analytics platform for offline advertising. Their technology is built around enabling advertisers to target people offline the same way they’re targeting people online. They track the location of cars, busses, and bicycles and compare it against aggregated cell phone, traffic, and app data to help advertisers understand who and how many people saw their ad. Additionally, they allow the transit media vendor to manage all of their ad campaigns, run reports quickly and easily, and optimize ad performance by targeting specific areas at specific times.