Our Entrepreneurs

Treetops Collective

Dana Doll & Tarah Carnahan

Dana Doll is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Treetops Collective. 15 years ago, Dana gained three Sudanese refugee siblings which introduced her to their world, stories, and the process of making a new place home. In the years since, Dana has become fully invested in working with displaced people. Dana’s background includes launching an asylum seeker’s shelter, working with entrepreneurial displaced women in Northern Uganda on small business development, and engaging the West Michigan community in refugee resettlement. She holds a BA in International Development Studies from Calvin College.



Tarah Carnahan is Co-Founder and Director of Sustainability at Treetops Collective. With experience ranging from starting a small social enterprise with women living amidst Asuncion’s garbage dump in Paraguay, developing a replicable model for sustainable agricultural schools, and focusing her Master’s in Sustainable Business on BoP market approaches to clean water, Tarah has been focused on the power of business to impact poverty and create jobs for women. Her personal experience befriending refugee women brought her international focus to her own city, co-founding Treetops with the intention of elevating the gifts of her newest neighbors and providing revenue for the organization’s growth.

Treetops Collective is on a mission to create a more welcoming world for refugees, starting in local communities. Treetops Collective connects refugee women with one another, with other members of the community, and with local institutions and businesses, so refugee women can thrive in their new home and the wider community can be enriched by their presence.

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